Hope for the World

Today was the last class of “Little Steps Music.” Of course because it was the last class “The Little One” decided to sleep until ten this morning. When she woke we dressed her and put he in the car with her breakfast and sped across the city until we landed the car and got into class only fifteen minutes late. Now you might think this has a lot to do with my entry today, but no it doesn’t. I was just setting the stage.

We arrive and Miss Leni is shepherding the children from six months to two years old in the song which includes instruments. The children especially “The Little One” loves Ms Leni. They hug her and sit in her lap, well all but the six month old. It is the last class and only I know that Ms Leni is moving and won’t be back. She will be sorely missed.

All was going well. Even my sleepy one was ready for a great class. That was true up until Carter decided to run for the instrument “Little One” was three centimeters from grasping. Did I mention that two weeks ago he decked her for trying to hold his hand? Well Carter lunged and just like the Football player took her out by clipping her legs and down she went. Down and back I should say for she walloped her head on the carpet.

Now that joyous “Little One” is joyous as long as everything is right in the world, but that was not so today. Everything is wrong. First the sleep in, Secondly eating her breakfast on the run for the first time, and now that boy clobbers her!

It took a while for her to settle back into the norm. She really was so distraught. But Ms Leni had her dancing and playing with instruments before too long.

Then out of no where Carter approaches her. I’m ready to jump when I see him take her hand, but he turns to her and says, “I’m sorry I pushed you down.” Now who knew Carter was so articulate! That dawned on me on the ride home.

I turned to his grandmother and said, “You didn’t need to tell him to do that. She was really ok.”

But Grandma answered in shock, “I didn’t he just did it.”

Then he hugs her! She hugs him! They stand there – arms wrapped- just holding each other!!

On the car ride home I decided the world will be alright. Our little ones will make it so.


Mother Nature

Mother Nature has hit us with a hard one. I usually don’t mind a cold snap and infact no one likes a good snow as much I do, but this particular snow has bothered me and for good reason.

Snow storms, the closing of school or at least a two hour delay, the need to use a snow shovel, and just the smell in the air are things that recharge me. More than likely this is a result of growing up in Northeaster Pennsylvania. We were tough kids. One highlight of a good snow in NEPA was when my father tied a toboggan to the back of the car and would drive the back roads as the three of us would have the ride of our lives. Or another favorite memory is ice skating on the farmer’s pond while mom and dad made a fire to warm our hands and sit by it to sip hot chocolate.

But this year’s snow in Washington,DC is just an unwanted mess. It came late to the dance. It had high winds that made stepping outside just plain undesirable. But, the biggest low is the fact that the Cherry Blossoms are threatened. Yesterday the news showed wounded blossoms, but they seemed to look as if they were putting a strong fight to beat the late snow. As of today the poor blossoms looked as if the life had been pulled out of them.

I know they are just trees, but they are so much more here in DC. They are a celebration of the rebirth of Spring. They emerge each year with beauty that is not unlike that of a ballerina, light softly swaying. They set the scene for that rest of the Spring’s painting to follow bursting daffodils, dogwood tree blooms, and all of mother natures favorites joining the entry of Spring.

This snow has just dumped on the most popular season for DC. The fierce wind and cold cold cold temperature just isn’t fun. Next year I hope it remembers to use the correct season and month of the year!

Generations Change

Somewhere around 1956 there was a big snowfall.  By the word big I mean more than three feet.  Pennsylvania kids in NE PA were brought up to think that everyone had snow like we did.  We were brought up to be tough.  We wore our dresses to school and you knew it would be a cold day if your mother made you wear leggings.  We never wore pants to school.

One season there was the big snow.  I walked to where the school bus picked us up with my best friends and my two older siblings.  We trekked through the snow and then stood in the snow for well over an hour.  We did run in place, jump up and down, hug each other and anything else we could think of to stay warm.  We didn’t dare turn around and go home.  We were told to go to school.

We stood for so long until my aunt came to collect my cousin at the bus stop.  She told us to go home.  We explained that mom had told us to wait for the bus and go to school.  My aunt insisted adding that she would talk to my mom and explain that she told us to go home.  Off we trekked back to the house.

I thought of this as I shoveled snow with “The Little One”  this morning.  More than likely she will go to school where snow is expected to be part of the climate.  More than likely she will either walk to school or have a bus ride.  More than likely her school will close if there is a serious storm and families will be notified by TV, radio, and electronic devises.

She will not stand waiting for the bus that never did come.


Whether it snows is not the question.  The question is will there be enough to turn DC on its head and go snow crazy.  Things to look for to determine the true severity.

*Grocery stores that have bare shelves

*Treatment on the streets (Ooops- there was treatment on 16th St. as of 11:00 this morning.)

*Teachers, particularly elementary teachers, are giddy and have a smile the children haven’t seen this year.

*Moms and dads are buying enough food and alcohol to last until July 4th

* At home moms or dads are in shock! Hoping against hope that the kids really won’t be shut-in as they try to continue to work from home.

The real true fear is that it will not amount to much and yet again the fantasy of snow won’t appear.


Well, I had doubts that I would make the challenge of writing faithfully every day.  Sure enough I did not post on Friday nor again on Saturday. Today is the breaker deal.  I had to look in the mirror and ask myself if I am being fair to myself and to my friends.  Guilt works wonders when you are trying to slink out of doing something. I am pushing forward to write.

Today was to be a fast write followed by taxes.  Not a pretty picture of a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  I started by beginning my writing piece.  But,  no sooner had had I written the intro, when “The Little One” came to see me.  It isn’t my care day so this was a “real” Nana visit.  Oh we played all the usual games from Baby Napping to Nana and Little One putting their heads under the oversized “Quality Teaching…” poster that sits on my coffee table. We made  sounds that sounded unreal.  Then we giggled  and giggled.

The clock continued to tick and I did not start the taxes and I didn’t complete the writing.  Guilt started to sink in.  Just in time The Little One’s mom appeared to wisk her away to allow me my free time.  Lo and Behold!!! Mom asked what I was going to do for the afternoon and I told her writing and taxes.  “I love doing taxes want help?”she asked.

This was  amazing!  The Little One was whisked away by her Dad while Mom and I settled in to do taxes.  Wow it went so fast!   It was so easy.   Now I’m finishing today’s writing.  No real point to the piece, other than I am free to do whatever I want with the rest of my day!

I hope each of you have a soothing fun filled Sunday!!!


Today did not provide a great situation for a writing idea.  Today came and offered a real life experience.  The morning was spent in Music Class with “The Little One.” Her feelings got hurt  today for the first time because the little boy whose hand she was trying to take hold of would have none of it.

Such a bittersweet event.  So young to feel rejection.  She had no nap yesterday and I think it caught up with her.  Regardless it was her first experience with rejection by a peer…My heart ached as I picked her up as she cried.  She hung on my neck  and wanted to be patted.  My heart ached for me because other than soothing sounds and soft pats I had nothing to erase the sadness she had experienced.

This afternoon she sleeps and I hope her dreams carry this first real life experience away.

Life’s Gifts

Friendship is the gift God gives us when we most need it. There is no doubt about this.

Today was spent with another friend here in DC.  She is an amazing friend, a talented writer.  How do I know she is a friend that deserves recognition?  She met me in the park with “The Little One.”  It went something like this..

“The Little One ”  loves my friend so when she arrived at the park “The Little One” put on her best loving, happy child behavior.  It was great fun showing our friend all the things an almost two year old can do!

The next step was focus on the adults.  We would go off for coffee and a snack. We decided  to head  toward the National Cathedral  a few blocks away. Open City came into being after the earth quake of 2011.  The “Little One” was charming and very patient as we chose our coffee and light fare.  She was to have the avocado  toast since she eats avocados  often.  So my dear friend helps with the food and is the best second hand attendant anyone could ask for.

There were no other small children in the small place.  It was filled with ladies who lunch, professionals catching up with their computers, clearly tourists and of course two retired teachers and one toddler.  Still all was going smoothly.

We began to sip our coffee/tea and a small hand grabbed my friend’s drink probably because it had an interesting design on the top.  I caught her arm just in time which caused her to pull her arm back. I dropped my guard in time for her to grab my Chai Tea.  It was pointless.  I just let her sip it.

Drinks were followed by the food.  The radish on the avocado toast wasn’t appreciated by “The Little One”, but she did give it a try! Soon she wanted to taste more of my salad.  As I popped a miniature potato into her mouth, her eyes popped. Standing on the pew seating she launched the mashed potato in her mouth into the air . Following the launch she was  spiting and puttering left overs until nothing was left in her mouth. Most made its landing onto the table and some onto the floor.  This was repeated with the tomato.  Heads were turning our way.  It was so embarrassing.

My good friend didn’t bat an eyelash.  She simply help to scrape up food from the floor.  Then she bussed our table while I dealt with the twirling dervish that looked very much like my granddaughter.

There are indeed good friends who come into our life and have a permanent place in our heart!  I am especially thankful for my friend.