Daytime Travel

I found myself at The Museum of Natural History this morning. I say, “I found” because I had not any plans to go anywhere. You know those out of the blue suggestions people give or hear and all of a sudden you are on a trek? So it was. My son, myself, and the “Little One” were off to downtown DC.

The first step was to pack up the kid. Then it was figuring out how this would work if we used public transit. Most importantly was to arrange the timing so the kid would not miss her nap. She had missed it yesterday and a horrific night time battle ensued because she was exhausted. Looking at the clock we could do this if all were dressed and out the door in fifteen minutes. We did it!

The beginning- We were determined to take public transit because the bus(es) go by so freuently a block from home. It’s a great view for strollers to see the many types of vehicles that pass by daily. So there we stood at the tag post on sixteenth street. Sure enough the bus stopped and two adults, one almost two year old, and a stroller found seats for the ride downtown.

The middle- We watched the buildings pass as the ride down to the White House turned and took to Constitution Ave. with a left turn toward the Capitol. This is a big deal because it turns out we are in the center of tourist treks and yet no parking needed. Translation? We get to go to any great museum or monument with not much walking. Best part was the efficient bus ride on time, clean bus,and warm on this abnormal COLD day. We departed the bus and walked swiftly a couple more blocks to The Museum of Natural History.

The museum was the same as when I first came to DC in 1971 and yes not the same. I was anxious for “Little One” to be excited by the size of animals she has looked at in her books. The place itself excited her. All the people moving and she able to walk and go in any direction to touch things. There were a ton of kid groups and out of town visitors. She loved looking at the kids and oddly the bones on display. I didn’t even try to figure out the infatuation of the bone display….

The end- We trekked back out of the museum to snag the bus back to our neighborhood in Dc. At the museum my son figured out via the cell phone that we could get even closer to a bus stop. It was grand. We stepped up and onto the double decker which was so clean and had great big windows. It was just at the right time of day that we were the only passengers for two stops. The kid ate her lunch of peanut butter sandwich and a squirt make of sweet potato and chicken. We arrived home in time to switch diapers and pop her into bed where she fell asleep in minute time.

My thoughts? This is the way to live in DC!!! We will be on the bus a lot more!


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