Face Book Drama

I am a Facebook member and have been for a number of years. I love checking in with people and reading all sorts of interesting feeds. I have connected with family that I had lost touch with while following students from years ago to new friends made through connections. My entire high school class are among my feed as it will soon be our 50th.

This past week has made me pause. A “Friend” posted an odd comment.

“Before I get a bunch of messages, or phone calls….
No. They aren’t.”

That was all that was posted. It made me wonder what is happening to the writer who writes this? Why such a cryptic post? What did the writer expect to communicate?

If I didn’t know better I would think it was someone who didn’t actually know how to express their feelings particularly when it comes to writing. This is not the case.

Is it for attention?
Is it a challenge?

I am perplexed and so I wonder.


2 thoughts on “Face Book Drama

  1. I would say attention for sure! Facebook is good for keeping up with people but sometimes the political posts make me crazy…..along with….”I am going to the bathroom” etc….LOL


  2. I am also intrigued. Somehow, the stem, “No, they aren’t” doesn’t suggest anything to me to guess! If you ever find out the rest of your friend’s story I hope you’ll let us in on it.


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