Saturday to Sunday

What a change! Yesterday I had such a nature experience with Spring and Mother Nature. Today I had such a human experience with Whole Foods and customers!

Last night as I thought through my moves for Sunday morning, it dawned on me that the lauder was low on most everything. Living alone I can always make up enough to pull through for a couple of days. Grocery shopping always falls to the side when the “Little One” is on the daily agenda. So I asked my son if he knew the best time to go to Whole Foods. I mentioned that I thought Sunday was the worst day of the week for a Whole Foods visit.

“On no Mom, Sunday is a good day. It’s the time of day you go that you need to watch.”

“Well every time I’ve been there on Sunday it is a mad house.”
“What time do you go?”
“Usually afternoon or late afternoon or evening. But they never work.”
“That’s because you should go between ten and noon.”
“Ah, I see where you’re going. Ten to Noon most are in Church and I have been going when they are coming after church. Gotcha!” So I buy into my brilliant son’s words and off I went between ten and noon.

The parking was pretty full, but I was not deterred. I walked up the stairs to the entrance. A woman greeted me with “It’s a madhouse in there. You might want to rethink.”

“Really?” I asked thinking she isn’t used to crowds. Probably usually shops mid day at the golden hours of noon to two. I have already determined that is the best time. Morning hours are used by mothers after school drop off. Two to five are the parents or home help who either pick up from school or a bit later pick up from after school activities. They then all go to pick up a few items. Trust me. No one wants to go when the kids are there! The lady really did look frazzled.

I turned to get the cart and find every cashier’s line was going into the aisle for each and every one of them. It didn’t stop me! I ventured fourth telling myself by the time I am done the lines will be down.

Who am I kidding? The after church group starts to come, there are babies in some of these carts! There is a man passing small glasses of some juice for tasting along the lines!

Oh no, still better is the fact that my son asked me to pick up a few things while I was there. Of the three items he requested two were off the shelves. Then I start to look for my things and there too items are sold out. I asked one store stock gentleman if they had any in back. He replied they didn’t they forgot to order them!

The lady’s face flashes in my brain! She was right! She was trying to warn me!

I don’t know how it happened but I got a line that only had one person in the food aisle. I jumped in behind him. Boom! I was at the register in less than five minutes. I looked back and there was a line again. The cashier was a marathon runner (key puncher?). I was packed and out in less than fifteen minutes.

I looked at the line at the elevator and decided to carry the bags. I couldn’t risk the gelato melting. I made it out! The blue sky stretched before me and I knew the day would be OK. I made it…

Note to self- Sunday is not for shopping.


6 thoughts on “Saturday to Sunday

  1. I concur – Sundays are not for shopping. Shopping has to be done while already “out and about” or I resent the extra travel time and every other little inconvenience. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. I love your funny story at Whole Foods. Ironically, I just returned from the grocery store, too. Somehow I came home from NYC and not much was in the frig, either. Your vivid descriptions of all the different kinds of people and their habits and in turn, their grocery shopping probable time is so true. Yet, NW Washington is a crowded area. I really wonder if there is ever a best time to shop? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, now that your shopping is done.


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