Today I had the baby monitor meaning I was on first call this morning for the baby. I say the baby when it is really “The Little One”. I see her start to stand in the crib which is her way of signaling without crying that it is time to get up. From day one this kid has slept through the night some ten to twelve hours. I know I know her parents have no idea how wonderful that is.

She starts the awake process with several attempts to stop sleeping. It is fun to watch on the monitor. She repeatedly rolls back and forth, followed by putting her blanket over her head off and on, off and on, until she starts to talk. She will talk with her “friends” in the bed for quite awhile as she goes from prone to sitting in the crib. Eventually she will collect her top two friends, Piggie and Elmo. At this point she pulls herself up to the rail. Adult is on the way!

I was on my way up the stairs from my apartment, up the stairs to her bedroom. I know she is slow to adapt to the day and awake isn’t always her state. It is wise to move slowly or better yet not move, but sit down and talk with her until she is ready to face the day. So we did our routine of talk and I thought she was ready when I stood up.

I stopped in place…I wasn’t prepared for that. “Dada had to go to work.” I said.
“No Dada?”I stepped toward her. “NO! Dada! she firmly told me.
“Dada is at work. Nana is going to take you down for breakfast.” There was a pause so forward I stepped.
“NO! Mama?”
I can’t believe I am being grilled by the almost two year old.
“No Mama and no Dada. Nana is here.
No! No! Mama Dada. Mama Dada.
Here is where I made the connection. She knows the routine. Dada is usually the one on morning. Mom always put her down at night. I am the one for five days of the week who puts her down for nap. She knows the routine and she doesn’t want it changed. I have to think fast and it better make sense to her.

Dada is at work, Mama is sleeping in, and Nana is here to play with you. So, lets go find some breakfast. Let’s take some friends!

Note to self: From now on be prepared to change the conversation or else there will be … pay.

You know that “Boss Baby Movie” that is coming out? I’ve seen the trailers and read the book. They have nothing on “The Little One” !


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