Hope for the World

Today was the last class of “Little Steps Music.” Of course because it was the last class “The Little One” decided to sleep until ten this morning. When she woke we dressed her and put he in the car with her breakfast and sped across the city until we landed the car and got into class only fifteen minutes late. Now you might think this has a lot to do with my entry today, but no it doesn’t. I was just setting the stage.

We arrive and Miss Leni is shepherding the children from six months to two years old in the song which includes instruments. The children especially “The Little One” loves Ms Leni. They hug her and sit in her lap, well all but the six month old. It is the last class and only I know that Ms Leni is moving and won’t be back. She will be sorely missed.

All was going well. Even my sleepy one was ready for a great class. That was true up until Carter decided to run for the instrument “Little One” was three centimeters from grasping. Did I mention that two weeks ago he decked her for trying to hold his hand? Well Carter lunged and just like the Football player took her out by clipping her legs and down she went. Down and back I should say for she walloped her head on the carpet.

Now that joyous “Little One” is joyous as long as everything is right in the world, but that was not so today. Everything is wrong. First the sleep in, Secondly eating her breakfast on the run for the first time, and now that boy clobbers her!

It took a while for her to settle back into the norm. She really was so distraught. But Ms Leni had her dancing and playing with instruments before too long.

Then out of no where Carter approaches her. I’m ready to jump when I see him take her hand, but he turns to her and says, “I’m sorry I pushed you down.” Now who knew Carter was so articulate! That dawned on me on the ride home.

I turned to his grandmother and said, “You didn’t need to tell him to do that. She was really ok.”

But Grandma answered in shock, “I didn’t he just did it.”

Then he hugs her! She hugs him! They stand there – arms wrapped- just holding each other!!

On the car ride home I decided the world will be alright. Our little ones will make it so.


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