Mother Nature

Mother Nature has hit us with a hard one. I usually don’t mind a cold snap and infact no one likes a good snow as much I do, but this particular snow has bothered me and for good reason.

Snow storms, the closing of school or at least a two hour delay, the need to use a snow shovel, and just the smell in the air are things that recharge me. More than likely this is a result of growing up in Northeaster Pennsylvania. We were tough kids. One highlight of a good snow in NEPA was when my father tied a toboggan to the back of the car and would drive the back roads as the three of us would have the ride of our lives. Or another favorite memory is ice skating on the farmer’s pond while mom and dad made a fire to warm our hands and sit by it to sip hot chocolate.

But this year’s snow in Washington,DC is just an unwanted mess. It came late to the dance. It had high winds that made stepping outside just plain undesirable. But, the biggest low is the fact that the Cherry Blossoms are threatened. Yesterday the news showed wounded blossoms, but they seemed to look as if they were putting a strong fight to beat the late snow. As of today the poor blossoms looked as if the life had been pulled out of them.

I know they are just trees, but they are so much more here in DC. They are a celebration of the rebirth of Spring. They emerge each year with beauty that is not unlike that of a ballerina, light softly swaying. They set the scene for that rest of the Spring’s painting to follow bursting daffodils, dogwood tree blooms, and all of mother natures favorites joining the entry of Spring.

This snow has just dumped on the most popular season for DC. The fierce wind and cold cold cold temperature just isn’t fun. Next year I hope it remembers to use the correct season and month of the year!


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. You are the first winter writer to remember the poor cherry blossoms. I agree- they are more than a particular tree to us- and I love that paragraph in particular. You made me smile when you scolded winter for coming in the wrong month 🙂


  2. Mary, you remind me of how I feel about buildings, being married to an architect. “I know they are just trees, but they are so much more here in DC. ”
    You are right – they are so much more. A true treasure and sign of Spring. And sadly, this 2017 may be a bust. You are right to scold Mother Nature.


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