Generations Change

Somewhere around 1956 there was a big snowfall.  By the word big I mean more than three feet.  Pennsylvania kids in NE PA were brought up to think that everyone had snow like we did.  We were brought up to be tough.  We wore our dresses to school and you knew it would be a cold day if your mother made you wear leggings.  We never wore pants to school.

One season there was the big snow.  I walked to where the school bus picked us up with my best friends and my two older siblings.  We trekked through the snow and then stood in the snow for well over an hour.  We did run in place, jump up and down, hug each other and anything else we could think of to stay warm.  We didn’t dare turn around and go home.  We were told to go to school.

We stood for so long until my aunt came to collect my cousin at the bus stop.  She told us to go home.  We explained that mom had told us to wait for the bus and go to school.  My aunt insisted adding that she would talk to my mom and explain that she told us to go home.  Off we trekked back to the house.

I thought of this as I shoveled snow with “The Little One”  this morning.  More than likely she will go to school where snow is expected to be part of the climate.  More than likely she will either walk to school or have a bus ride.  More than likely her school will close if there is a serious storm and families will be notified by TV, radio, and electronic devises.

She will not stand waiting for the bus that never did come.


One thought on “Generations Change

  1. My favorite part of this is how you did everything to keep warm while you waited- you really drew a vivid picture for me of the girls in their dresses and leggings, maybe saddle shoes, jumping and hugging in the snow. Glad you did get to go back home that day! Kids really can be tough.


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