Whether it snows is not the question.  The question is will there be enough to turn DC on its head and go snow crazy.  Things to look for to determine the true severity.

*Grocery stores that have bare shelves

*Treatment on the streets (Ooops- there was treatment on 16th St. as of 11:00 this morning.)

*Teachers, particularly elementary teachers, are giddy and have a smile the children haven’t seen this year.

*Moms and dads are buying enough food and alcohol to last until July 4th

* At home moms or dads are in shock! Hoping against hope that the kids really won’t be shut-in as they try to continue to work from home.

The real true fear is that it will not amount to much and yet again the fantasy of snow won’t appear.


4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. When they predict dire warnings of deep snow everyone gets ready. Then it fizzles out. I hope it’s not too bad and you make it through with no issues.


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