Well, I had doubts that I would make the challenge of writing faithfully every day.  Sure enough I did not post on Friday nor again on Saturday. Today is the breaker deal.  I had to look in the mirror and ask myself if I am being fair to myself and to my friends.  Guilt works wonders when you are trying to slink out of doing something. I am pushing forward to write.

Today was to be a fast write followed by taxes.  Not a pretty picture of a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  I started by beginning my writing piece.  But,  no sooner had had I written the intro, when “The Little One” came to see me.  It isn’t my care day so this was a “real” Nana visit.  Oh we played all the usual games from Baby Napping to Nana and Little One putting their heads under the oversized “Quality Teaching…” poster that sits on my coffee table. We made  sounds that sounded unreal.  Then we giggled  and giggled.

The clock continued to tick and I did not start the taxes and I didn’t complete the writing.  Guilt started to sink in.  Just in time The Little One’s mom appeared to wisk her away to allow me my free time.  Lo and Behold!!! Mom asked what I was going to do for the afternoon and I told her writing and taxes.  “I love doing taxes want help?”she asked.

This was  amazing!  The Little One was whisked away by her Dad while Mom and I settled in to do taxes.  Wow it went so fast!   It was so easy.   Now I’m finishing today’s writing.  No real point to the piece, other than I am free to do whatever I want with the rest of my day!

I hope each of you have a soothing fun filled Sunday!!!


7 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I lost my rhythm yesterday, but because I have been writing a day ahead, I was able to ‘catch’ up this morning and not miss a day. It will mean I have to write two today to keep in my day ahead schedule. Get back on the horse so to speak. You can do this. I used an idea from last week and made myself a padlet of ideas. What about some ideas in reserve that would be quick writes for days that you run out of daylight: a haiku, a list, a book review. If you are reading lots of other blogs, I’m sure you can find a great reserve. Good luck.


  2. “I love doing taxes, do you want my help?” might be the most beautiful sentence ever uttered. Congratulations on ending up with a much more pleasant Sunday than you’d anticipated!


  3. I’m glad you felt guilty and wrote because I love reading your moments with your little one. And I am going to start my taxes now and am going to tell myself that Mary says, “It’s easy. So quick!” Keep writing, even if a day or two is missed!!


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