Today did not provide a great situation for a writing idea.  Today came and offered a real life experience.  The morning was spent in Music Class with “The Little One.” Her feelings got hurt  today for the first time because the little boy whose hand she was trying to take hold of would have none of it.

Such a bittersweet event.  So young to feel rejection.  She had no nap yesterday and I think it caught up with her.  Regardless it was her first experience with rejection by a peer…My heart ached as I picked her up as she cried.  She hung on my neck  and wanted to be patted.  My heart ached for me because other than soothing sounds and soft pats I had nothing to erase the sadness she had experienced.

This afternoon she sleeps and I hope her dreams carry this first real life experience away.


7 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Such a bittersweet slice—love that you were there for her to turn to. “The Little One” is really “The Lucky One,” and hoping this is forgotten by nap’s end as sweet dreams have erased this feeling of rejection.


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