Life’s Gifts

Friendship is the gift God gives us when we most need it. There is no doubt about this.

Today was spent with another friend here in DC.  She is an amazing friend, a talented writer.  How do I know she is a friend that deserves recognition?  She met me in the park with “The Little One.”  It went something like this..

“The Little One ”  loves my friend so when she arrived at the park “The Little One” put on her best loving, happy child behavior.  It was great fun showing our friend all the things an almost two year old can do!

The next step was focus on the adults.  We would go off for coffee and a snack. We decided  to head  toward the National Cathedral  a few blocks away. Open City came into being after the earth quake of 2011.  The “Little One” was charming and very patient as we chose our coffee and light fare.  She was to have the avocado  toast since she eats avocados  often.  So my dear friend helps with the food and is the best second hand attendant anyone could ask for.

There were no other small children in the small place.  It was filled with ladies who lunch, professionals catching up with their computers, clearly tourists and of course two retired teachers and one toddler.  Still all was going smoothly.

We began to sip our coffee/tea and a small hand grabbed my friend’s drink probably because it had an interesting design on the top.  I caught her arm just in time which caused her to pull her arm back. I dropped my guard in time for her to grab my Chai Tea.  It was pointless.  I just let her sip it.

Drinks were followed by the food.  The radish on the avocado toast wasn’t appreciated by “The Little One”, but she did give it a try! Soon she wanted to taste more of my salad.  As I popped a miniature potato into her mouth, her eyes popped. Standing on the pew seating she launched the mashed potato in her mouth into the air . Following the launch she was  spiting and puttering left overs until nothing was left in her mouth. Most made its landing onto the table and some onto the floor.  This was repeated with the tomato.  Heads were turning our way.  It was so embarrassing.

My good friend didn’t bat an eyelash.  She simply help to scrape up food from the floor.  Then she bussed our table while I dealt with the twirling dervish that looked very much like my granddaughter.

There are indeed good friends who come into our life and have a permanent place in our heart!  I am especially thankful for my friend.



3 thoughts on “Life’s Gifts

  1. Love the descriptions, especially the potato popping out and the tomato seeds!
    This format is really working for you and I love reading your adventures with the Little One.
    And of course about friendship- truly a gift. But of course you have good friends- you are one.


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