Sometimes Life is a Carnival

Normal day in “Little One” land.  It was Gym class at nine thirty a new adjustment to the Toddler who sleeps at least to eight or slightly longer.  We made it out the door  at nine to conquer cross town traffic.

That was the beginning of the day.  Here we are just past noon and I just wanted to share what transpired between nine and now…..

Getting to the new Gym class was tricky.  Morning breakfast of toast smothered in peanut butter with a dab of jelly was tossed in a zip lock bag for travel.  Baby dressed cutely in leggings and a hip top gets planted in the car seat.  I begin the road challenge.

I’m pretty good at navigating the fastest and less traveled routes from the house to where My Gym takes place.  Being the good  teacher that I am/was I had traveled this route over twenty years  figuring the best way to not be late for school, .  Well, I was not ready for the delays caused by the Rock Creek Park reconstruction, nor the amount of cars on the road.

But we got there just in time to take off our shoes and attempt to primp the “Little One’s” hair and then I noticed it.  Peanut Butter and jelly not the best travel breakfast for a toddler.  Yep.  it was all over her face, her leggings and shredded across her “hip” top!  Note to self : in the future put her in raincoat or better wet the shower curtain until finished with food.  I wiped her off as best I could, while she pushed my hand aside and pull on it to take her into the play area.

This new class was packed!  Boys and girls running and jumping in all directions.  It was free play and they were darting like mosquitoes.  Soon class started and this grandma was not prepared for the challenge.  I did try my best and it took all my energy.  Roll Overs, Rock Backs, sit on floor, stand up, push swings, be ready to prevent huge falls from slides, ladder walking, and disappearances under the parachute that wasn’t even being used roled the morning.

It was a great time at the Gym, I say so you will think of me in a nice way!  Both of us were wrung out.  Some one forgot to tell the former retired teacher that these exercises involve her participation.

Oh it gets better.  My son is just coming down the stairs from a quiet  morning  of us being gone.  I thought long and hard about making him do roll backs, baby lifts, and push ups.  Oh, alright I didn’t do pushups.

We sit down together while “The Little One” eats her lunch made of all sorts of healthy food plus a bit of the left  over peanut butter and jelly.  I mention in passing that I need to investigate tire replacement that is cheaper than going to the Suburu dealer.  It’s that time.

Now for just a moment  let’s consider what I have done in the first four hours of my dawn!  Reread if necessary.  Feed Toddler breakfast which she doesn’t want to eat just yet, pack necessities for car travel, i.e. leftover breakfast, drink, tissues, cuddle toy, pack it all up.  Strap kid in car, pull out to join the herd of I can’t drive vehicles.  I take the fastest route which I know is the fastest because everyone else is on it!  Arrive at Gym, clean up as best I can with the tissue in my hand the peanut butter spackled kid who has replaced the darling “Little One.”  I jump, roll,  skip, sing, take shoes off put shoes on adult and child.  The return drive to home now involves  construction work on every possible route….

My son, my first born child, my brilliant successful son… responds to my statement of needing new tires.  He looks me in the eye and begins to tell me how I can-

“Go on line, give the vin number, make sure you to don’t go high end, you don’t need it. Or you can try (another name of something). What else do you need done?”

I’m looking at him as if he has just flown in from outer space. Did he do something?  I nod and say nothing more.  I get the little one down for a nap.  Here I am on the computer….just trying to sort out the amount of information my old brain needed to deal with in the last five hours while I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…




5 thoughts on “Sometimes Life is a Carnival

  1. What a vivid slice! Mornings with little ones always seem so harried and busy and you captured that beautifully! I think you should make your son order the tires for you, since he’s such an expert 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love all the little details. I feel worn out just reading about this gym class. Then I love how you added the recap as you sat with know-it-all-Andrew! Then I smiled as I realized you got this written and posted while your little one napped! I hope writing and post is giving you energy. It is energizing me!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You sure had a busy morning! I remember the days of packing up the cuddle toys, diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. I laughed about the peanut butter and jelly that followed you and little one through the morning – funny detail:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I read this on my phone as I was whisking through the subway tonight- enjoyed your adventures! I agree with the above commenters. These mornings are how mothers (and grandmothers) exhaust themselves and can’t tell you what they did all day. Glad you pinned it down 🙂


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