Spring DC Style

The sun shone brightly this morning and the sky was blue, blue, blue with just the right amount of cotton clouds.  This was enough of a gift to push me to take “The Little One” for their first morning walk in the neighborhood this season.  She was in rare form smiling while waving to cars as they passed, walking alongside the stroller, touching anything that caught her eye.

We had walked for four blocks. Sitting in the stroller had overtaken independent walking.  “NaNa, numie!”  Numie !

“Ok, lets just cross the street and NaNa will get you some numie.”

“numie, Numie, NUMIE, NUMIE NUMIE NUMIE!” 

Numie is the word that means anything edible that the toddler wants.  Apparently she wants it right this minute.

You get the picture. Old lady trying to cross a three street intersection with a ranting toddler who appears to be possessed.  New screening of “The Exorcist.” showing now in Crestwood! The old lady gets to the other side just in time to put half the chew bar she had brought into the mouth of the ranting toddler.

Toddler leans forward throwing  her full weight hard against the stroller’s seat almost knocking herself over in the stroller.  Experienced NaNa realizes possessed toddler figures out she didn’t get all of the Numie.  Experienced NaNa  while holding strong to stroller, puts remaining bar in possessed toddler’s empty hand.  Toddler holds it up as NaNa says, “That’s all there is so eat slowly!”  Possessed tolder leaves the  body. The little One reappears with a smile.

Silence and calm return to the beautiful scene of our first Spring walk in Crestwood, DC.


2 thoughts on “Spring DC Style

  1. So funny, the transition from an idyllic early spring walk to the exorcist moment in the middle of the intersection! Love these stories. Using “the little one’s” own language really takes us there with you.


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