Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings start somewhere between six and eight.  I turn toward the window and see the glow of the sunlight.  No matter what day it is I play a game with myself.  Staring at the window with the translucent shade drawn I begin to guess the time of day.

Step one:  Think about what is on the agenda for the day?

Step two: Reconfirm in my head that what is on the agenda is really necessary.  At this step one thing is usually nixed.

Step three: Stare at the shade and listen for morning noise in and out of the house.

Time to get up!  It is seven o’clock.  How did I know you ask?

The neighbor dog barked two times- does so at seven, I hear human foot steps  upstairs- six o’clock would be the sound of the dog running up and down the stairs, and light of the sun is increasing at a seven o’clock rate.

MISTAKE!  I dallied in bed so long writing this that it must be close to eight….The sound of “The Little One” is always around eight.  My how time flies.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings

  1. At my house it is the sound of the neighbor’s loud muffler at 6:30am, 7-days a week! I find comfort in the routine sounds of the day, especially morning. Enjoy your Sunday, now that you are up!!


  2. The sun is out again today – hope you get out to enjoy it (hear your Mom’s voice) – maybe with “the Little One”?
    I find that I can usually tell what time it is throughout the day – the light, the sounds, the growling of my stomach, the 8p.m. bark of our neighbor’s dog. Fun to think about…


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