The Beginning

My son was  born in 1977.  That’s right one year past the bicentennial of our country.  Wow! It seems like yesterday on some days and so so so long ago on others.  When I think about forty years it seems incredible that it went by so quickly and most amazing is what happened in the world between then and now.

Today I had to buy some ink cartridges for my printer in order to begin the IRS marathon I participate in each year.  “The Little One”  was with me and I believe it was her first Best Buy experience.   I caught myself flashing back to the eighties when we lived in the Silicon Valley and my son was a kindergartener.  It was the beginning of today’s technology. It was a glorious time for what was to become the world of Apple, IBM, Intel, etcetera.  It was all there in the Silicon Valley.

Lexi walked by the very large poster of a cell phone.  She new exactly what it was because Mom and Dad constantly use theirs so much so that “The Little One” will hold up anything from a shoe to hairbrush put it to her ear and say “Hello…hello…hello?  Well you can imagine her reaction upon seeing the poster.  She stood in front of it.  No words.  Hands were at her side.  Her head tilted up as she said, ” WOW!”   I broke out laughing.

Her cry out might as well be a cheer for the advances of technology from the late seventies to today.  In 1984 my son had one of the first Apple computers.  He was having difficulty with buying into reading and really hated to write.  The Apple was made for that student.  He could do circles around me trying to use the darn thing.  He also was fast as a bullet on the key board.  Words became recognizable for him and those writing assignments were the most creative endeavors I had seen in teaching.  Of course there was a lot of photos and techie tricks that made his friends stone cold jealous.  That didn’t last for long. Soon every one in “The Valley” had technology long before the rest of the country.

I looked down at Lexi and thought, “She isn’t even two and she understands how to make certain things on a lap top work.  Rewards for her right now are to sit with daddy or mommy while they play games, watch clips of Peppa Pig,  join letters together by using the key board.  There is not much pushing of the key board because we all know it will be more universal to use voice.

The “Little One” and I left Best Buys and drove home.  I couldn’t help but think how fast electronic technology all happened.  As I sit typing this on my computer I wonder how fast it will be to get an upgrade for me…. and I don’t necessarily mean a computer. Now that would be my “WOW.”



2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I can just see her standing there saying wow!! So cute. Her story within the bigger story of technology advances is clever. It is so true how quickly the advances are happening. So much that I hesitate to share keyboarding practice links with my students. They way they type on an iPad is so different!


  2. Nice, wide-ranging reflection on your son’s life, technology, California… but my favorite part is the small moment at the heart of the piece- when Lexi stood there arms at her side amazed by the gigantic phone paster- the beloved object!!! I laughed at that delightful image.


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