The Little One

It is coming up on two years since “The Little One” came into my life.  She arrived with God’s grace, smiles ,and eyes that followed the world around her.  I was to be her nanny five days a week and I jumped for it. You might have guessed this is my first grandchild. Of course I used my years of teaching experience to determine that she is quite gifted.  The Little One came home sleeping through the night!!  That would be eight pm to eight am. Who ever head of that?  She liked strangers immediately and made immediate eye contact.  She ate like a prize boxer.  She absolutely loved people and would cuddle with anyone.  Her cries were for real need. No colic here. Are you getting the picture?

I am a mother of two, but years before my own I help to raise four cousins starting when I was in fourth grade.  My Aunt taught me well and everything I learned from her and her children I applied to motherhood.  I’m a pretty confident baby person.  I was not perpared for the land of Grandma.

I am learning.  First, I let her name me, and she did in record time.  Nawnaw, please don’t mix it up with the regular Nana or Noni.  She was very specific. I don’t know when this happened but she found the window into my heart and began her beguiling ways.  First there was the smile. It was followed by  the hugs.  BUT, the real killer was the reaching for me followed with the tuck into my neck and the piece de resistance was two little hands patting my shoulder and chest…That did it.  I was hers.  All that fancy schmancy knowledge of how to raise a child went out the window.  I was smitten.

I’m sure those of you know where this is headed.  Reread the first line.  Two wonderful years of travel without hassle from the perfect baby.  Eating out at restaurants no trouble at all and add the luncheons with a friend or two.   She engaged all the patrons and gave smiles and coos that grew into smiles and waves as she advanced.  A week ago her parents took her to a seven day adventure in Florida.  I was free to do my own traveling and enjoyed being an adult with adults.  A great respite for both sides.   I wasn’t ready for what came home from Florida.

I have 28 days until she is officially two as in the Terrible Twos.  The thing is she decided to let the Terrible Two out before her birthday.  She hides now, climbs on anything and everything, gets a hold on dangerous objects within seconds, can cry with the best of them, and runs away at lightning speed !!  But the best talent she has is  when with others beside myself and her parents she is the baby described above.  I no longer explain the exhaustion seen on her posse.  I have caught her eyeing me in these social encounters with a smile that surely says “Gotcha!  Welcome to the Twos!”



2 thoughts on “The Little One

  1. What a fun post!
    My favorite is the description of the head nuzzling in your neck and her little hands patting you- you make this reader’s heart go flippity flop! And I love your transition to the 2’s. I’d love to hear more stories about her shenanigans. After all, what better “small moments”, or “slices of a life?”


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