A Special Brother and a Special Gift

When I turned eighteen, I graduated from high school. It was such a special time. So many things happened during the last two weeks of high school. First there was the prom. Everyone wanted to have the prettiest dress and a date for the dance.

One friend invited a group of us to her house for dinner. We were in the formal dinning room with a formal dinner that was served to us. Each girl and boy was treated as if we were adults. We all looked beautiful in our floor lengths gowns and all the boys looked so smart in their tuxes.

After dinner we were off to the prom at the High School. We danced and had photos taken. It was so much fun. After the prom we went to another home and we listened to music and tried very hard not to fall asleep. Of course some of us did!

By dawn I was taken home because my house was the host of the senior breakfast. My mom and some others were there to serve us our breakfast. It was amazing, pancakes, juice, sausage, bacon, eggs, and coffee or hot chocolate.

The greatest part of this time was my brother let me have his car for the day. He said it was his graduation present to me from only him. He handed me the keys to his brand new 19– Austin Healey. It was a sports car and a convertible! Everyone admired the car. But the best part was I drove my date to the prom home in the sports car. I do believe he was as thrilled as I was to have the car.  Yes, I did let him drive it a bit.  This is the first time that was ever revealed.. Ooops


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