Rock and Roll Memories from a Baby Sister

There was nothing as wonderful as the sound of Buddy Holly on the High-Fi. I loved to watch my sister and brother practice dancing. They would do the jitterbug and try out all the new dance steps.

If I was quiet and didn’t ask too many questions, I would able to hang out for the whole time. Sometimes it was too hard to not talk or ask questions and then they would tell me to get out of the room. Or worse they would go to one of their rooms and shut the door.

My brother was popular and always had a girl friend. My sister had tons of girl friends but not many boy friends. My brother used my sister as a dance partner to keep up his reputation as a great dance partner.

My greatest treat that would occasionally happen was my sister had homework or some other task and while she may have danced one or two songs she would leave. Then all the magic happened. He would look toward me, crook his finger and just like Dirty Dancing I would go toward him and he would dance with me. Dance with ME!

Then it would happen…I would forget and start singing along with the record. DEAD STOP. He would say, “Never mind, and drop my arm and walk out of the room. I would be devastated.


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