The Last Snow Day

On Friday morning I was walking down the stairs in the old section of our school.  There are two large floor to ceiling arched paned widows.  They are incredibly beautiful.  They mark the landing between the floors before the next set of stairs take over.

As I came to the last  landing the snow had increased and fat white flakes painted a wonderland though the setting of the window which overlooks our school garden. I paused to take it all in and enjoy the solitude of the moment when up came a little boy who looked to me to be a first grader on his way to a early morning enrichment class.

“Hi there!”

“Hi,” he said

” Isn’t the snow beautiful?  I don’t think we’ll see it again this year.”

” No we won’t.  It will be the last snow. And it has a lot of water in it today.  It’s not good for snowballs or snowmen.  There won’t be enough for sledding and it has too much water.  I don’t like it when it doesn’t have a lot of water because you can’t make snowballs.  It won’t stick if  it doesn’t have enough water.  It just wil blow around.”

“My goodness you know so much about snow,” I said.

“Yeah I do and you know………”

This is where his long pause began and I could see by his face he didn’t have anymore information to tell.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do.  As the dead silence stretched out and he seemed to be getting uncomfortable. I said,” It was really nice of you to share all that information about snow.  I didn’t all about the water.  You be sure to have a great day today.”  I smiled and he quickly continued on his way.

I had never seen this child before. I was just a teacher passing by when a very busy school was quiet and still; a magical moment .  I watched out the window a little longer as the smile on my face grew.


5 thoughts on “The Last Snow Day

  1. It gave me chills to imagine this special moment overlooking the last snowfall of the season. Your details made it seem as if I were listening in on this sweet conversation. I really enjoyed your post!


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