For Jack

I grew up in a multi generational family.  We had a very modest home.  My grandmother lived with us.  She was a wonderful woman who had a hard life. The joy of my childhood was that with my grandmother in our home every holiday involved celebrations with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Our house was packed with people, food, and laughter.

My cousin Nancy was my age and lived in New York  about a two hour drive from our home in Pennsylvania.  We were sister cousins.  We shared everything from clothes to dreams to funny stories told under the blankets on the created floor bed we shared when she came.  We cramed people all over the house. Being the younger part of the family we were on the floor in beds made from afghans and pillows. This is where we giggled and shared all that had happened in our lives since the last holiday gathering.

The joy we had as a family was immense.  There was always food galore,games played, singing of songs, and laughter.  I couldn’t wait for the holiday to come and was a bit empty when it was over.

Then one day I came across a picture book called The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant. I took such joy seeing my childhood coming alive in a book. This week is going to be about the books I have found that reflect the life of my family. Today’s book is part of a set I purchase when a new baby enters our family. This set will go to Jack my grand niece who lives in Los Angeles.


One thought on “For Jack

  1. So glad you found it!
    You really took me under the covers, in the pillows.
    No matter that is might be uncomfortable, because it was such a special, jolly time.
    Your gift of books that reflect the life of your family is a wonderful idea.


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