I am not certain that I am a writer for this blog.  My colleages seem to do this effortlessly and yet I can not.  So, I think of myself as the student in the room hiding their writing because I ask them to write on demand.  Tonight I am that student.  I don’t write because it is the clock ticking down to midnight. I write when I am inside myself and I become another person.  I so wish I could be the writer who pushes out something when asked like tonight, but that isn’t who I am.  Because I value my dear dear friend I stay with this project, but it is harder than filing my income tax forms, remembering to call my family, taking care of the chores at home, or planning my week. I struggle each day to write as the writer I am for the Slice.  I will make it through to the end because I value my friends and the friends who have commented instill a sense of camaraderie.  But, it is not the writer I am.


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