Friday Sweet Friday

Friday! Ah Friday… This week I can’t tell if today’s Friday brings the same joy as usual. Usually I spring for the weekend awaiting all the projects I’ll take on or the movies I’ll see. This Friday is flat and without purpose. I think it is most likely the fact that it was a testing week.

So I have some observations:

  • Having to monitor testing has got to be the most boring job in history. It might be more boring than waiting for paint to dry or a load of laundry to stop spinning.
  • Watching children entails children watching you. Every time I looked one way or the other a child’s eyes met mine. So I have to wonder what the child was thinking about? Was his mind like mine envisioning the summer by the pool? Or when I tried to remember the lyrics to songs from the sixties?
  • Then there is what to do? This year we took tests on the computer. That was lots of fun. Timing a test when one breaks down stops everyone. Not everyone was comfortable with the tools available. But, I have to say those kids were so much more comfortable than I was. They intuitively jump in when I would have been afraid of losing all the work. No such thing happened.
  • In the end the kids love testing. They get the mints they wait all year for followed by gum. They liked the Cheez-it and the pretzels, but the Nutri-grain bar was definitely unpopular.
  • The week ended with the kids thrilled. They had had time to write on the white boards in the testing room and spent their moment of free time giving each other hard multiplication problems.
  • I ended the week being thrilled I was able to manage the calculator for the answer to the problems.
  • Teachers don’t like testing. We come back tired from just monitoring and the thrill of the day with the kids is gone.
  • Teachers don’t like testing because we have no discourse. Everyone knows teacher live to talk.
  • Younger Teachers have to use suggestions from FACEBOOK and other sites for things to do while monitoring for up to ninety minutes.
  • The older set of teachers was challenged with the nodding of their heads, which their bodies thought appropriate.

All in all it is Friday. I can hear my bed and pillows crying for me to join them. My mind is wistfully staying where it is in a fog-induced state. I am content. Then that nasty mind reminds me that Monday will be another testing day!


3 thoughts on “Friday Sweet Friday

  1. I like the positives you see from the kid’s perspective, especially the food!
    I know they do look forward to the grade where the teacher actually gives them gum!!!

    I am impressed that you went home and wrote today. I am about to set to it…
    Have a good weekend. The weather should be rejuvenating.


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