Teacher Exhaustion

Testing began today at our school.  Teachers are not usually thrilled with testing.  It raises the intense feeling of being evaluated.  As much as we all say that we don’t let it bother us I am sure it does.  That feeling sneaks up the back of my neck as I monitor my students.  I watch them work diligently on the computerized testing that requires them to read and use the computer tools provided.

I find myself wanting to be the teacher who can pat them on the back and say in words,”You are doing so well!”  I want to say to the struggler,”Try again, take your time and read carefully.” When the question, “What does this word mean?”is asked I want to be able to respond.  As I watch the child try to read for meaning on the word and tries to make sense,all I can say is ” I can’t help you today.”

I came home exhausted and not in that good way. Not like a typical day of teaching  rambunctious kids that want to be thrilled and thrill you in return.  It was that depleted exhaustion that begs for variety during the day.  I realized today that teaching is one of the great careers one can have.  Just like artists, dancers, musicians, and writers what we do has such rich variety.  We are temporary moms and dads, healthcare providers of booboos, silly big people, a special friend, and most of all we are educators! We grow a child’s mind.  That is pretty spectacular.


One thought on “Teacher Exhaustion

  1. Look back at the flow of your piece!
    It is so interesting that you end by seeing the value in your career (albeit as a contrast to what you had to do today.)
    I hope the rest of testing goes by fast.


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