What Made You Smile Today?

I was thinking of what to write. Scrambling hard for a topic that would not take a lot of brain power and I would feel ok about was step one after a long day.  I really really wanted to make others laugh, smile, and feel good.

If you have read my other pieces they aren’t exactly filled with warm and fuzzies.  So I did what any good writer would do. I opened the computer, pulled up the internet and immediately…wait for it….ah now wait for it…there!   I pulled up the mindless game of pop-it.  It absolutely takes no thinking.  Well, you actually do need to be able to match colors.  I ping the groupings, little icons spin in the air.  I score, but it is not making me relax nor smile nor laugh.

The news is on and I glance over when pictures of protests come on, glance again when amtrack goes off the tracks in several areas, and when another round of Hillary Clinton’s email appear. I turn back to pop-it…the colors are pretty and yet my score does not rise much.  Also, going on this whole time are the last words my friend spoke as we left work. ” Go home and write :)”  DOES ANYBODY HERE SEE A LAUGH COMING???

Then the news caught me again.  According to CNN  Lily ( the baby)  wasn’t moving when rescuers found her, hanging upside down in her car seat after fourteen hours of being submerged when her mother’s smashed the car landed in the river.. And here is where it gets me to smile….  At least two rescuers heard someone ask for help.  It does not appear they were near each other, but both heard the call for help.  They go down into the water and see a woman who does not appear to be alive and then what they see is the baby in the car seat.  After hours and hours the baby is still alive and as of the report is doing well.

How can you not smile!  Each of us will construct in our own heads who called for help and we will all smile.  Because how can we not…for me thinking of the standardized tests this week, annoyed that I’m taking medication for something I thought was over, annoyed at myself for what I haven’t accomplished today none of this is as important as the smile I had when I heard this news report.

I hope you smile tonight!


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