Looking Forward in the Snow

I spent yesterday finding moments when I could work on the next step in life.  In  between running from the office to the classroom and returning to the office to make the calls to get my passwords reset for the redicules usernames for three different sources of information on me!!!  Why is it not all in one?  I don’t even want to understand the rational, but in less than an hour I was able to reset and go live on all sites.

Then it was onto to Human Resources. I am making a life change at the end of the school year.  Yes, going to where all teachers go eventually – RETIREMENT.  I thought I would feel conflicted, but I don’t.  I find it is time. Like the animal world mother nature lets you know when it is time.  The new journey begins.

I know what I will miss and I am very clear on what I won’t miss.  But I have come to think this year my two team mates were sent to me  to make this last year full on good work, laughter, creativity, and friendship.  This is the best way to end the career.

When I think of my future, I realize I am building upon my career and taking it to a new placement and that is of grandmother and mother to build a new life with family.  This life will include a dabble at subing and a dabble at tutoring, but most time will be spent watching over the next generation of our family.  I can not wait!

So today’s snow day is one of the last for me as a teacher, and I wonder what a snow day will look and feel  like next winter.  But, today I am enjoying PJs and snow drifting across the window to dress the Cathedral.



4 thoughts on “Looking Forward in the Snow

  1. I love your positive attitude and am so glad you are finishing your career working with people that you truly enjoy. I am lucky enough to have one such friend who makes my job so worthwhile. Lots of luck as you move into this new chapter in your life. Teaching will always be a part of all you do. Enjoy!

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  2. I’m retired and I continue to enjoy a good snow day. You can to! Retirement will just enlarge your life. More time and energy will be a welcome change. Less tension of course. You need a full year to get comfortable. 🙂
    Bravo and enjoy.
    Bonnie K.

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  3. Mary, you are in a great place! And I am so glad I arrived before you retired. I see making snow angels in your future!!


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