First Time Grandmother!

I’m about to be a grandma for the first time. No one is more surprised then me with the emotional roller coaster I have been riding for the last two or three weeks. Ah, yes I was aloof at the start. I was happy about having a baby coming into the family and all it means to most people, but I was not over the top about being a grandmother. I didn’t immediately fall into buying things for the baby many of my friends have done. Nope not me!

Then something took hold about two weeks ago. It was deep inside me. It was akin to a light switch flipping and the room got brighter. Thank goodness Mother Nature has more sense than I do. She started slow before she hit me over the head with the Grandma for the First Time hammer.

A baby shower was coming soon and I started looking at the registry for my little granddaughter. This is either Mother Nature or Father Time but one of those two smacked me with the OMG- I don’t even know what all this stuff is about. When I had my first child, I had my sister’s hand me down clothes from her children, a car seat, some sweet blankets, and one Captain America outfit for my son (I am a product of the 60’s-70’s).

My grandchild’s registry was sensible and all but, it also had items I didn’t even know existed. It appears there are several ways to buy sheets for the crib, the necessary breast-feeding support tools, the necessary must have travel gear, the only acceptable gowns that turn with a snap or two into a romper gave a sense of must have all of these “things.” I found myself feeling very old. I found myself thinking of all the countries in the world that do with far less.

To be really honest I began to reflect on my two beautiful and wonderful children. The father of the baby started his life with a struggle and then a move to Japan…. he had nothing of his own until the sea shipment arrived months after his birth. We had to stuff him into the “Captain America” outfit to send a picture to our lovely friend. My daughter entered the world on the move back from Japan and into the craziness of moving and settling.

The up shot of all this blather is this…. Having a baby is all about union and love…it is not things. It is not about what is right or “necessary” because in the end it is about love. It is the deepest thing any of us feel since we took those vows of marriage. So bring on the shea butter, and breast pumps my sisters…. you are about to take on a journey of what life is all about! It will be magical and life sustaining….

I am one happy happy grandmother to be!


4 thoughts on “First Time Grandmother!

  1. I love your honest feelings! I am wondering how much stronger they will grow once you see her for the first time and begin to watch her grow, smile, coo. Your heart is surely going to melt!!


  2. First, of course I can relate. This experience makes us think of so many different things. You started describing your feelings, went to the new-fangled “requirements”, and then your thoughts went to your own children’s early days. And in the end it is about love- yes it is 🙂
    I feel as if you could separate this piece into several others, if you’d like. I’d love to read more!


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